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Yesterday Astrohata saw a night sky and a small lecture on the topic – why astronomy is needed today and what it can give to modern society. Children were many (about 40) plus parents and teachers. I had to study the latest news in the field of astronomy, as well as remember the history of astronomy –

1 History of the Universe
2 Our Galaxy – Our place in it
3 Star sizes
4 The solar system
5 Galileo – The first observed the telescope from a scientific point of view
6 Newton – expounded the law of universal gravitation and the three laws of mechanics, came up with this telecop
7 Stephen Hawking – The Big Bang Black Holes
8 Hubble Telescope
9 James Webb Telescope
10 How to Observe the Telescope correctly

And our short program of observations –

M57 Ring
M27 Dumbbell
m31 Andromeda
Albireo Star in the Swan
m81 Galaxy Bode M82 Cigar
m13 Globular cluster in Hercules

How not strange – the children and parents liked the moon – And most of all it was interesting for the students of high school. So there is hope for the emergence of new astrophysicists in Ukraine.

Before the new journey through the sky and come to Astrohata.