I greet you, my dear lovers of astronomy, bonfire, wine and songs) This year, changes took place on Astrohat – we put 3 more new Indian tipis (nothing to compare with the contemplation of the constellation Sagittarius lying on a comfortable tipi bed), equipped a place for astronomical hedonism (now you can observe the starry sky with binoculars with wine, which is attached to the unique mount of Parabino from the company Asterion). If you want to take a break from your children to plunge into the absorption of stellar placers – we will look at them as our own). We also finalized the kitchen – the food became much more satisfying and astronomical) (new light salads, cheese and other products from local farms)
A local bus (up to 8 people) can deliver you to the sea and back for reasonable money.
And we still have NO Mosquitoes!
We are waiting for you at Astrohat www.astrohata.com