I think Ukrainians got the ability to adapt from the Heavenly slow-walker and this is what she can do –
* + 150 degrees and – 273 C
* withstand a pressure of 6000 atmospheres
* radiation of 500 thousand roentgens (while the lethal dose for a person is only 500 roentgens).
* can starve for decades (this is not about us)
* More than 100 years without water.
* 30 years can be under water at a temperature of -20 °C
* the tardigrade has legs, a mouth and teeth
* two years – in liquid oxygen at −193°C.
* Can be in outer space without problems
* The speed of movement is 2-3 mm per minute (those who understand life take their time)
* can fall into a coma when their body size is reduced by 85%
* There are more than 1,000 species of tardigrades, they are found in large areas around the world – what a candidate for extraterrestrials)
Maybe mushrooms and tardigrades rule the planet, and we only buy bread at ATB and have stopped hearing the music of the universe.

#Astrohata is still under occupation, but we hope for the best.

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