Anyone who closely follows my work knows that there are already all the prerequisites for creating ultra-fast Internet, and here’s something else – StarLink has announced the launch of special satellites into space that will be able to provide 4G services from space for ordinary smartphones. The service is called Direct to Cell and is being launched alongside Tmobile.
In 2024, only messages will be available, then voice and data will be added in 2025.

In the future (to which we still have to live) ordinary telephones will work directly through satellites all over the world. It won’t work deep indoors, but everything will work near windows and on the street.
Skynet is getting closer my dears, I hope we still remain human in this fast world. Everyone who wants love and slow down a little – a recipe from #Astrokhat – drink wine in good company)

#Astrokhata is still under occupation, but we hope for the best.
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