Friends, you often ask us what to do at AstroHata.
Yes, #Astrokhata is a night resort, for astronomy, and our main life begins at 20-00
What to do in the morning and afternoon.
And here are 10 pearls of the Azov region according to Astrokhata –

1. Have a good breakfast – this is only with us with the famous iron chef Julia Strelka)

2. distant Berdyansk Spit, a place of incredible beauty and relatively wild with an old lighthouse.

3. 20 minutes drive from us snail farm, two hours of exciting excursion and snail tasting, it was incredible !!!

4. If your child has a birthday, be sure to spend it in Antikafe. There, by the way, you can work remotely, wi-fi, air conditioning and very often cultural events of Berdyansk take place.

5. Excursions around Berdyansk. Not when you want to sleep, but when you catch your breath and you catch every word. We found exactly the same guide

6. We know where the most delicious sushi is in Berdyansk, and not long ago we found a wonderful pizza

7. Horseback riding to the sea “Golden Spike

8. Eliseevsky quarry – a small piece of Crimea, 15 km from Astrohata.

9. Mount #Obatash – where you can meet real Scythians and take good photos)

10. Obitochna spit – 40 km from Astrokhata, you can visit a deserted beach, where you do not need to follow the conventions and enjoy the sea to the fullest)

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