Why come to Astrohata

Why you need to come to Astrohat - Astrokhata can be interesting to those who prefer not only the sea and wine to rest, but also the opportunity to relax spiritually 1 - Astrokhat has a rare opportunity to observe the beauty of distant cosmos in a large mirror telescope with a mirror diameter of 400 mm (Sky-Watcher 16 "GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope) with an appropriate set...

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Astrohata – a place for observation and recreation

Hello everyone - I invite all lovers of astronomy and connoisseurs of beauty to a new interesting place Astrohata. I am sure that everyone likes to rest and many do it with the family near the sea for example. And what to do - if you are also an amateur astronomer - how to combine observation and rest when time is always short - and we...

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Lecture and Astrokhat Observations for Schoolchildren of the Dolinsky Village

Hello . Yesterday Astrohata saw a night sky and a small lecture on the topic - why astronomy is needed today and what it can give to modern society. Children were many (about 40) plus parents and teachers. I had to study the latest news in the field of astronomy, as well as remember the history of astronomy - 1 History of the Universe 2 Our Galaxy - Our place in it 3 Star...

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Lounge with AstroHata on the Sea of Azov

 Sooner or later there is a need to connect rest on nature, sea, alcohol, good food, cycling, contemplation of the starry sky in a telescope, Films under the open sky, spending the night in a real Indian tipi and all this offers you - AstroHata Authentic simple natural rural food We take food grown from local farmers and cook simple and delicious dishes for every taste. To eat...

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  • #Sygnus Грузовой космический корабль может нести почти 4 тонн - из груза на International Space Station,  запущен 17 ноября (груз - продукты питания и научное оборудование)
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  • Телефон и твой номер тянут меня как магнит. #астрохата