Astrokhat on the Independence Day of Ukraine (from August 24 to August 26) arranges the assembly of all AstroSerpen lovers of the night sky.

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Arrive at Astrohata in June

My dear star boys and girls! In June (cherven) all of Ukraine will celebrate first the Trinity (June 15-17) and then our Constitution Day (June 28-30) - And this is a great way to forget about work and come to Astrokhata. We always have fun and a lot of stars, wine, music, movies and of course the tender Sea of Azov on the Berdyansk Spit - all of them. We welcome Astrofoto with our...

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Relax in the Summer with Astrohata

This summer, from June 1 to August 31, Astrohata opens the doors for all lovers of astronomy, the Sea of Azov, wine and outdoor recreation. We guarantee a lot of pleasure from observing foggy objects of far space, watching films under the open sky, active games (volleyball, table tennis) and trips to the Sea of Azov on the weather. To top it all off - tasty food from local products and...

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Astrohata Highlights map

Astrokhat's Highlights map, the Bortlya sky has a value of 2 (almost perfect), especially in Ukraine. Astrokhata is surrounded by low hillocks - One of the best indicators of the quality of the night sky An open southern dry climate (there is practically no dew) the absence of insects - are the main advantages of observations at Astrokhat.


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Scythian nights in May on Astrohata

Scythian nights in May on Astrohata from April 27 to May 5 there will be an excellent sky on Astrohata. I invite all passionate lovers of astronomy, campfire and songs to spend several unforgettable days in nature, look through a large telescope, think about the eternal and even see the sea. Who is interested write me in Viber 067-453-70-29

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Why come to Astrohata

Why you need to come to Astrohat - Astrokhata can be interesting to those who prefer not only the sea and wine to rest, but also the opportunity to relax spiritually 1 - Astrokhat has a rare opportunity to observe the beauty of distant cosmos in a large mirror telescope with a mirror diameter of 400 mm (Sky-Watcher 16 "GoTo Collapsible Dobsonian Telescope) with an appropriate set...

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Astrohata – a place for observation and recreation

Hello everyone - I invite all lovers of astronomy and connoisseurs of beauty to a new interesting place Astrohata. Instagram Astrohata I am sure that everyone likes to rest and many do it with the family near the sea for example. And what to do - if you are also an amateur astronomer - how to combine observation and rest when time is always short - and we found the answer -...

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Lecture and Astrokhat Observations for Schoolchildren of the Dolinsky Village

Hello . Yesterday Astrohata saw a night sky and a small lecture on the topic - why astronomy is needed today and what it can give to modern society. Children were many (about 40) plus parents and teachers. I had to study the latest news in the field of astronomy, as well as remember the history of astronomy - 1 History of the Universe 2 Our Galaxy - Our place in it 3 Star...

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Lounge with AstroHata on the Sea of Azov

 Sooner or later there is a need to connect rest on nature, sea, alcohol, good food, cycling, contemplation of the starry sky in a telescope, Films under the open sky, spending the night in a real Indian tipi and all this offers you - AstroHata Authentic simple natural rural food We take food grown from local farmers and cook simple and delicious dishes for every taste. To eat...

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  • Из-за близости термоядерного котла Солнца - Пожары на Меркурие ☿ бывают каждый день. А на Астрохате только горячая кукуруза греет руки астронома на наблюдениях.
  • Салат *Венера в огне* когда на поверхности планетв соеденяетя литий и йод, остальные планеты нервно курят в сторонке)
  • Звезды-холодные игрушки
  • Песни Астрохаты
  • Яичница по астерски. Нежный сыр, яйца и немного помидор, вырощенных в условиях низкой гравитации. Все жители пояса астероидов знают этот рецепт с детства)
  • Пудинг Чиа на кокосовое молоке. Выбирайте лучшее на Астрохате)
  • Кто хочет поспать в настоящем индейском Типи, хотя настоящие индейцы не спят) Астрохата и племя Тускароры ждёт тебя бледнолицый)
  • На Астрохате погода всегда кайф)
  • Немного истории вам в ленту. Рождественские ночи в 2013
  • Вечереет на Астрохате