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Relax in the Summer with Astrohata

This summer, from June 1 to August 31, Astrohata opens the doors for all lovers of astronomy, the Sea of Azov, wine and outdoor recreation. We guarantee a lot of pleasure from observing foggy objects of far space, watching films under the open sky, active games (volleyball, table tennis) and trips to the Sea of Azov on the weather. To top it all off - tasty food from local products and low prices will not do. your wallet a hole in one parsek.nas you can find in Viber 067-453-70-29

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Astrohata Highlights map

Astrokhat's Highlights map, the Bortlya sky has a value of 2 (almost perfect), especially in Ukraine. Astrokhata is surrounded by low hillocks - One of the best indicators of the quality of the night sky An open southern dry climate (there is practically no dew) the absence of insects - are the main advantages of observations at Astrokhat.


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Lounge with AstroHata on the Sea of Azov

 Sooner or later there is a need to connect rest on nature, sea, alcohol, good food, cycling, contemplation of the starry sky in a telescope, Films under the open sky, spending the night in a real Indian tipi and all this offers you - AstroHata Authentic simple natural rural food We take food grown from local farmers and cook simple and delicious dishes for every taste. To eat delicious is our motto and of course the food should not unnecessarily burden your leisure and wallet - nature and a good company like a cherry on the cake. By agreement, you can make...

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  • На Астрохате будет выставка картин одной известной астрохудожницы и просто хорошего человека. А её имя вы узнаете в следующем посте. Всем цем. #astrohata #art🎨 #spacex
  • АстроХата - кушать у нас можно не только вкусно но и красиво)
  • Все лето Астрохата ждёт всех людей и иные формы жизни
  • Блакитна як небо Астрохата чекає на тебе цього літа #астрохата #хорошийотдых #grass #мечтысбываются
  • Астро пицца изготовлена без использования духовки на #Астрохата #еда #вкуснаяеда #ресторан #eating
  • Астрономическая жена в бесконечной нирване #Астрохата #отдыхнаморе #бердянскаякоса #restsea #sea
  • Астроном Алёша Атдахнул #астрохата (ребус все на А)
  • Ужин и закат #астрохата #night #eating #restaurant
  • Храм огня Астрохата
  • Патриотично про скифов приазовья на Астрохате