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Arrive at Astrohata in June

My dear star boys and girls! In June (cherven) all of Ukraine will celebrate first the Trinity (June 15-17) and then our Constitution Day (June 28-30) - And this is a great way to forget about work and come to Astrokhata. We always have fun and a lot of stars, wine, music, movies and of course the tender Sea of Azov on the Berdyansk Spit - all of them. We welcome Astrofoto with our telescope – we will provide a stable 220V we have no mosquitoes !!! accommodation in a clean rural house – 100 gr per person per day accommodation in their tents – 50 gr. In our tents...

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Scythian nights in May on Astrohata

Scythian nights in May on Astrohata from April 27 to May 5 there will be an excellent sky on Astrohata. I invite all passionate lovers of astronomy, campfire and songs to spend several unforgettable days in nature, look through a large telescope, think about the eternal and even see the sea. Who is interested write me in Viber 067-453-70-29

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Lecture and Astrokhat Observations for Schoolchildren of the Dolinsky Village

Hello . Yesterday Astrohata saw a night sky and a small lecture on the topic - why astronomy is needed today and what it can give to modern society. Children were many (about 40) plus parents and teachers. I had to study the latest news in the field of astronomy, as well as remember the history of astronomy - 1 History of the Universe 2 Our Galaxy - Our place in it 3 Star sizes 4 The solar system 5 Galileo - The first observed the telescope from a scientific point of view 6 Newton - expounded the law of universal gravitation and the three laws of mechanics,...

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  • Из-за близости термоядерного котла Солнца - Пожары на Меркурие ☿ бывают каждый день. А на Астрохате только горячая кукуруза греет руки астронома на наблюдениях.
  • Салат *Венера в огне* когда на поверхности планетв соеденяетя литий и йод, остальные планеты нервно курят в сторонке)
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  • Песни Астрохаты
  • Яичница по астерски. Нежный сыр, яйца и немного помидор, вырощенных в условиях низкой гравитации. Все жители пояса астероидов знают этот рецепт с детства)
  • Пудинг Чиа на кокосовое молоке. Выбирайте лучшее на Астрохате)
  • Кто хочет поспать в настоящем индейском Типи, хотя настоящие индейцы не спят) Астрохата и племя Тускароры ждёт тебя бледнолицый)
  • На Астрохате погода всегда кайф)
  • Немного истории вам в ленту. Рождественские ночи в 2013
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