Hello everyone – I invite all lovers of astronomy and connoisseurs of beauty to a new interesting place Astrohata.


I am sure that everyone likes to rest and many do it with the family near the sea for example. And what to do – if you are also an amateur astronomer – how to combine observation and rest when time is always short – and we found the answer – ASTROHATA
What do we offer –
Observations under the beautiful sky (on the Bortle scale – 2 (almost perfect)) We do not have any moskitos !!!
up to 10 people accommodation in a rural decent house – 90 gr per person per day
accommodation for up to 20 people in their tents – 50 gr. In our tents – 70 gr
game on the glukophone – for free
that this includes –
bed with bed, urban conveniences (like in the apartment), kitchen on the street with electric and water, watching the movie in the open, watching the telescope Sky-Watcher DOB 16
Additional services –
possibility of car parking + 10 gr per day
food a healthy breakfast and dinner – for agreement
BBQ, firewood – 20 gr

fishing at the local lake – 150 gк per day
transfer to the sea to Berdyansk or Primorsk and back – 50 gr per person