In 2020, Astrokhata’s life was very eventful –

Many more people came to us (and thanks to our karma and the favor of the Universe, all these people were beautiful)
We observed the unimaginable comet NeoWise (visible to the naked eye)
A lot of journalists visited us – I hope they will spread light and sweetness about Astrohata)
Astrohata was shown on the channels Ukraine, TV5, Suspilne, and the legendary Eagle Tails of the House of Lechshe (special thanks to Moose and Zhenya Sinelnikov)
The children’s camp from our friends children made us happy and worked all summer
The kitchen is constantly being improved. We already offer European and Asian dishes (Thanks to my wife Yulichka)
Well, Wine, of course – without wine it is impossible to understand all the processes of harmony in the Universe.